New CBD Topicals – CBD Cream & Soap

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We are excited to announce a new line of CBD cream, soap, salves and additional tinctures! Our "New CBD Fall Line" is one of the most anticipated releases for us. Topical CBD applications are a great additional way for you to enjoy the benefits of CBD. OK, maybe “New CBD Fall Line” is stretching it [...]

Is Hemp CBD Oil legal? Why is this even a question?

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Many have experienced the benefits of Hemp CBD Oil (just type in #CBDtestimonials in Instagram to see for yourself). Some are big benefits (no more seizures!) others in smaller ways (feeling more calm, sleeping better and so on.) All of this with no psychoactive element — you are not getting high. When we got into [...]

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. Isolate CBD – What is the difference?

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Are you looking at whether full-spectrum CBD or isolate CBD is the best way for you to go? It can be a challenging question and there are definitely two sides to the discussion. As with just about anything, the choice you make is up to you and what you are looking for. In speaking to [...]