4 Real Benefits of CBD Oil and Possible Side Effects

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Life is about choices. There are risks and benefits that one must consider when making those choices. None of us has a crystal ball to see the future. So it is wise to take some time to make sure that the potential benefits of our choices outweigh the risks. Understanding benefits and risks is especially [...]

Celebrities, Depression & CBD

The statements “That is so depressing,” and “I am so depressed,” are only a few letters apart, yet their meaning is greatly different. Who hasn’t said the first and felt the second? That’s normal some of the time. But sadly, for millions of Americans, including some of our biggest celebrities, the second, “I am so [...]

4 Things You May Not Know About Who’s Using CBD

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OK, so here you are, reading about who’s using CBD and wondering to yourself, “Do I fit into this category?” You have probably, by this time, sorted out the difference between CBD-only products and marijuana. They are obviously not the same thing or taken for the same reasons. If it took you a while to [...]

The Strange Case of Mr. Anslinger and Cannabis

Hemp is an amazing plant. Not only is Hemp the source of CBD, the primary healing component in Fusion CBD’s products, hemp is used in a number of other industries. Hemp can be used for: Food and supplements for both humans and animals Body oils and lotions Oil based products like candles, lanterns, and paint [...]