How Does CBD Make You Feel?

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A common question for everyone is “How does CBD make you feel?” That's not surprising. CBD comes from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant. And if there is one thing that most of us grew up learning it was: Cannabis = Marijuana = Getting High. The fact is, there is a lot more to [...]

PTSD and CBD for Veterans

Name a group of Americans that should be supported and helped. Many of us will come up with a variety of answers. One group generally stands out for most people (unless they are a jerk of course) and that is our nation’s military veterans. In a national survey done by the Pew Research Center, 75% [...]

Rolled CBD / Smokable Hemp—Past and Present

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If you feel a bit nostalgic as you inhale your rolled CBD hemp cone—it’s for good reason. People have been smoking hemp for thousands of years—in Asia and the middle east. For a long time “vaping” was the exact method used to inhale. No, not that kind of vaping—the "old-timey" method where they would put [...]

CBD Hemp Genetics and Goldendoodles

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We realize that headline is a bit of a head scratcher. But bear with us as we take you through the world of CBD hemp genetics and that lovely breed of dog. Hemp and CBD are becoming more and more a part of people’s daily lives. (Yay!) So it is not uncommon to hear and [...]

Sports and the Benefits of CBD for Muscle Pain and Soreness

"No Pain, No Gain." We have all heard it, and maybe it is true. With the growing use of CBD for muscle pain and soreness, perhaps we can now have more gain with less pain. So, whether you are a looking to get in shape in the New Year, a currently committed workout champ or [...]

Government Gets Something Done! The Farm Bill.

Let's face it. It seems that our government is just not working well right now. The government shut down, at the time of this writing, is already the longest in history. However the Farm Bill of 2018 is a stand out of bipartisan work given this divided nation. Let's pick an adjective to describe the [...]

A Hemp Business is Born – Fusion CBD

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If you had asked either of Fusion CBD’s Founders in 2008 if they would be in the hemp business in ten years, neither would have come guessed it. But in reality, the building blocks were already in place for that to happen. Adam Kurtz grew up in upstate New York, a third generation farmer. But [...]

A Tale of CBD Oil and the Terpene

What is a terpene? And what does it have to do with CBD? By now you may have read or heard something about CBD which is why you are here reading this. Well, at Fusion CBD we want you to be an informed consumer. Because CBD is hugely beneficial for a lot of people with [...]

Is Hemp CBD Oil legal? Why is this even a question?

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Many have experienced the benefits of Hemp CBD Oil (just type in #CBDtestimonials in Instagram to see for yourself). Some are big benefits (no more seizures!) others in smaller ways (feeling more calm, sleeping better and so on.) All of this with no psychoactive element — you are not getting high. When we got into [...]

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. Isolate CBD – What is the difference?

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Are you looking at whether full-spectrum CBD or isolate CBD is the best way for you to go? It can be a challenging question and there are definitely two sides to the discussion. As with just about anything, the choice you make is up to you and what you are looking for. In speaking to [...]