The Best Full-Spectrum, Whole-Plant CBD Products

Our CBD line of products are controlled by Fusion CBD from seed to sale, ensuring the highest-quality CBD oils, extracts and hemp products available. A growing number of people are discovering the benefits of CBD and related cannabinoids without any of the drawbacks of THC.

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2000 MG Tincture

High concentration of quality CBD. Each 30 mL bottle contains 2000mg cannabinoids. All products contain less than .3% THC. Consult your doctor if mixing with any other medication.

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1,000MG CBD Tincture (30ml)


High quality, whole plant extract with 1000mg of cannabinoids.

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500MG CBD Tincture (15ml)

Discover the benefits for yourself. Find out what CBD can do for you at a great price.

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CBD Hemp Cones

Our convenient pre-rolled cones provide an instant method to intake your CBD.

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Fusion CBD Hemp Mints
CBD Hemp Mints

Our convenient mints are a great tasting supplement to our tinctures.

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Fusion CBD Hemp Soap
CBD Hemp Soap

Unwind with a stress relief soap, or treat your skin with lavender and mint soap.

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Fusion CBD Body And Skin Hemp Cream
CBD Hemp Body Cream

Quality moisturizing skin cream with Lavender & Mint and other essential oils.

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CBD Hemp Spray

A convenient CBD spray that provides fast comfort and relief for targeted areas.

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CBD Hemp Salve

Our powerful CBD in an easy to use salve for rubbing on areas of pain.

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CBD Hemp Roll-on

A convenient roll-on you can take with you. Great for headache relief. Each 0.5 oz. roll on offers 150 mg cannabinoids.

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CBD Hemp Salve with Lavender & Peppermint

Target annoying aches and pains with our full-spectrum hemp extract.

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Fusion CBD Hemp Gummies 25MG Each
CBD Hemp Gummies

Pure CBD power, made with all natural and organic ingredients.

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Elektra Buds By Fusion CBD
CBD Flower

Premium CBD hemp flower grown by small farms in the U.S. Please call for available strains.

Pet-Friendly Whole Plant CBD Extract

Safe for pets, this organic raw cold-pressed hemp seed oil has been found to be beneficial for anxiety and pain.

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