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CBD hemp oil for stress anxiety

Today’s world can be full of stress. Demands at work, financial pressures at home and other factors can add up to a toxic mix that directly impacts your quality of life. Many people are turning to CBD for stress and anxiety and finding positive benefits.

Most people cope with stress and the overall feeling of anxiety that it brings on through a variety of means. These can include any number of unhealthy habits, like overeating, smoking, drinking or drug abuse.

40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders. Many more suffer from more mild symptoms and so are not diagnosed. Let’s face it, stress, anxiety and mood swings are unfortunately a part of everyday life for many of us.

Full-spectrum, whole-plant CBD, as part of an overall daily nutritional program and lifestyle has been reported to help individuals more effectively cope with day-to-day anxiety, stress and mood swings.

Fusion CBD provides full-spectrum, whole-plant extract and hemp oil that is honest and pure. Straight from the farm to you. We are dedicated to providing the highest potency extract of CBD that we can. Because we control the entire process from seed to sale we can live up to that promise.

The Effects of Anxiety and Stress

The long-term effect of anxiety and stress can affect well-being and quality of life for you and those around you.

People with anxiety and stress are three to five times more likely to go to the doctor and six times more likely to be hospitalized than those who do not suffer from anxiety and stress. There are a number of life-threatening health issues that stem from anxiety and stress–these include high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

The double-edged sword is that many people attempt to handle this condition with things that only make matters worse like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. These solutions, which many people apply to alleviate the condition, are unhealthy and just feed into the problem.

CBD for Stress and Anxiety Support

There are several aspects to the way CBD interacts in our system that may help explain why it has been found to be effective in dealing with stress and anxiety. For one thing, CBD interacts directly with our bodies natural Endocannabinoid System in a way to regulate fear and anxiety-related behaviors.

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology found that existing evidence strongly validated CBD as a supportive treatment for a variety of anxiety related issues, specifically when taken regularly or in high doses.

At Fusion CBD, we formulate all of our products to provide the highest quality CBD for our customers. Using a full control process on all of our plants, from seed to sale, we ensure that you get 100% natural, full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp CBD. Our mission is to continue to innovate on our process in the refinement our CBD extract and be a leading pioneer in the industry.

Additional Support for Anxiety and Stress

Some additional things that you can do in addition to adding CBD for stress and anxiety to your overall healthy living plan are as follows:


Drink plenty of water. Thirst is the worst and even mild dehydration can affect your mood.

Limit or avoid alcohol. Though this seems counter-intuitive, alcohol can actually make one edgy as it is being processed by the body.

Limit or avoid caffeine. This one is a little more obvious. Caffeine can make one jittery and raise stress levels.

Practice healthy eating. A balanced diet is important for overall physical and mental health. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t overeat.


While obvious, it bears repeating, the better your body feels the better you will feel mentally as well.

Physical activity produces endorphins — chemicals in the brain that act as natural stress reducers. Exercise also improves your ability to sleep which also reduces stress–getting enough sleep can’t be emphasized enough. While CBD for stress and anxiety has been reported to help, it is vital that you take time to additionally develop a healthy living plan. Exercise is an important aspect of that overall plan.

It only takes five minutes of aerobic exercise to stimulate anti-anxiety effects in the body. Psychologists studying the relationship between anxiety and depression and exercise suggest that a 10-minute walk may be just as effective as a 45-minute workout.

Additional Strategies:

A deep breathing technique – Relax your shoulders, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, expanding your abdomen first and then your chest. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat for several minutes.

Take a walk and get in the moment – When people are anxious it’s often about something that already happened or they are concerned will happen. Taking a walk and looking at and focusing on things in the here and now can help relieve stress.

Be easy on yourself – Realize that anxiety is an emotion just like any other emotion. Observing your anxiety and stress without judgment can help make these emotions more tolerable. Focus on the positive and observe the negative objectively.

CBD for stress as an overall part of a healthy living plan could be your next step to enjoying your life just a little more.

CBD Oil Used as a Sleep Aid

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