Local CBD Hemp Farmers Deliver Pure Passion

Fusion CBD was founded in 2016 by Adam Kurtz and Ed McCauley. The purpose was to unite local CBD hemp farmers to bring high quality full spectrum CBD to our customers. Adam, who oversees the farming operation in Oregon, is a third-generation farmer who worked for 25 years as a fresh-cut flower farmer. Ed manages the day-to-day business operations.

Together with a growing number of local hemp farmers and other professionals, Fusion is committed to the passion and science of bringing the best possible CBD to our customers.

Passionate about our Quality CBD Product

Located in the fertile Willamette Valley, Oregon Fusion works with multiple local hemp farmers growing over 40 acres with multiple varieties of CBD rich hemp plants. We integrate conscious farming practices using water conservation and pesticide free growing methods. Our plants all start from seed in our greenhouse, which provides total control during the entire grow cycle from seed to sale. Fusion produces a clean, quality CBD extract that is second to none.

Passion for our Local Hemp Farmers

Fusion CBD is currently working with 12 local farmers in Oregon and New York. With our state-of-the-art agricultural greenhouse facility we are cultivating and testing strains of high quality CBD content hemp for our partner farms.

Passionate for the Industry

Oregon Fusion is on the leading-edge of the hemp industry. Fusion CBD has aligned with extractors, product developers, labs, geneticist, seed suppliers, landowners and farmers. We are a member of the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers’ Association, (OIHFA) which is spearheading permanent rule changes and legislature changes, and we are members of The National Hemp Association.

Follow our journey and add your voice to the hemp revolution!
boring oregon CBD hemp farm
A beautiful sunset at the flagship farm in Boring, Oregon.
Local CBD hemp farmers Oregon
Fusion CBD co-founder Adam Kurtz with his daughter on the farm in Oregon.
CBD for stress and anxiety growth
Fusion CBD co-founder Ed McCauley proudly standing in front of Fusion's first years harvest.
CBD hemp oil grown in USA
Fusion CBD's Founding Kurtz family growing healthy for the next generation.
fusion cbd oil local farmers
Another good day in Boring, Oregon for 3rd generation farmer Adam Kurtz.
US hemp and CBD farms
Ed inspects the hemp harvest with some of the other Fusion staff.
healthy hemp oil CBD FusionCBD
Team Fusion CBD harvesting the year's hemp crops. Helping hands for health.
family owned hemp and CBD farms
2nd Generation flower farmers and parents of co-founder Adam Kurtz.
growing hemp for health and wellness
Mom Kurtz and a member of team Fusion CBD trimming hemp plants.